About Diana Yesbeck


Diana Yesbeck has served as an educator for 20+ years.  During her tenure as an educator, Dr. Yesbeck taught in private and public K-12 schools, in the areas of mathematics and science.  Her mathematics teaching ranged from Math 6 content through Algebra II content, while her science teaching was solely in the area of physical science.  Throughout Dr. Yesbeck’s years of teaching, she fostered a learning environment of active student engagement and focused on relating content to real life applications.  Considered an expert in the field of mathematics instruction, Dr. Yesbeck has presented at multiple conferences and workshops on instructional best practices, authentic assessments, and grading practices.

Dr. Yesbeck’s educational journey began at Virginia Commonwealth University, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics.  She continued her education at University of Virginia, earning a Master of Education Degree in Administration and Supervision.  Seven years later, she earned her Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University.  Dr. Yesbeck’s dissertation research was in the field of assessment and grading practices, and she is quite passionate about the topic. Within one year of earning her terminal degree, Dr. Yesbeck began a new position at Randolph-Macon College as an assistant professor of education.  She teaches elementary methods courses in mathematics and science in the teacher preparation program, and she supervises elementary student teachers.


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